Post Production

Creative audio recording solution

Whether your production needs dialog recording and ADR, music composition or licensing, sound design, effects and Foley, our team of engineers and our facilities can provide you with tailored modules or a complete solution for your audio creative needs.


Mixing and Mastering

With the evolving distribution formats of DVD, Blu-Ray, UHD, mobile, digital, theatrical and home theater systems, Audio Mechanics has become a trusted resource to major studios for mixing and re-mastering feature film soundtracks for re-release. We have the expertise and experience to fulfill any playback format required from mono to 7.1 surround. We specialize in preparing audio tracks for DCP and HD layback. 



Music and Vinyl Mastering

Audio Mechanics has mastered an extensive variety of music releases from major labels such as Sony, BMG, EMI, Interscope, Warner Bros Records, and many more (see Music Industry Credits for more details). Whatever the style, our engineers can translate your creative vision into a finalized production master.

Vinyl Mastering and Mixing requires a particular know how and understanding of the format and its technical limitations. Our engineers are will provide you with the best vinyl mastering expertise and can provide you with a physical acetate master, pressed right here in our facilities on our state of the art cutting lathe.