We don’t just “digitize” your material. We invest in the best equipment and meticulously calibrate and maintain it. Our engineers have decades of experience with these machines and formats, and treat your material with the utmost care and precision. They have dedicated their careers to the art of sound, and the results are clear. This combination of experience and equipment investment truly sounds better than your typical audio transfer. Remember, it’s not just the tools, but the experience and talent using the tools that gets the best results.

Call or write us with any questions or concerns you may have about your collection.

Magnetic Film:

35mm playback–stripe, 3-trk, 4-trk, 6-trk, 7-trk Cinerama

35mm record– 3-trk, 4-trk, 6-trk

17.5mm playback- 1-trk, 2-trk

16mm playback- edge, center, and 2-trk

Optical Film:

35mm or 16mm area and density tracks

35mm 200mil push/pull

17.5mm area or density tracks

16mm prints with mag stripe

70mm prints- 6-trk mag stripe

Digital Audio:

Hard/Flash Drives


DAT, TC-DAT, ADAT, PCM 1610/1630

MO discs including AKAI format

DASH 3324 and 3348HR

Data Tape: (new or migration)

LTO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Magnetic Tape:

2” 24-trk w/ pilot or timecode

2” 16-trk and 1” 8-trk

1/2” 4-trk w/ pilot, timecode, or FM

1/2” 3-trk Rangertone and variants

1/2” 2-trk with timecode

1/4” mono or 2-trk with pilot

1/4” mono Nagra neo-pilot

1/4” stereo Nagra w/FM sync

1/4” Fairchild AM sync

1/4” Rangertone, Maihak

1/4” Perfectone, Telefunken

1/4” Leevers-Rich mono or stereo

1/4” 4-trk consumer stereo (non-sync)

Cassettes (all lengths/noise reduction types)

Grooved Media:

Records/Transcriptions– all speeds and sizes to 17.25”

Sync Vitaphone playback

Wax Cylinders (unique Hi-Fi playback)