The demand on content owners is constantly evolving. New technologies lead to new ways of consuming media. Consumers’ needs and desires are ever more varied and demanding.

As such, adapting your existing content to these new requirements is fundamental to maintaining and monetizing the value of your catalog.

Audio Mechanics’ exacting quality standards, and our engineers’ undisputed know-how and understanding of audio assets, are at the forefront of several technological partnerships enabling us to test and devise, the most cutting edge solutions to the audio challenges you face when adapting and enhancing your content.


Music Removal and Replacement

Over the last decade, music-licensing costs have skyrocketed as formats and distribution channels have multiplied.

For a significant number of existing assets, this situation is not economically viable: the music needs to be removed or the content cannot be monetized.

And this can be especially tricky if the audio is mixed…

Audio Mechanics have become the experts in Music Removal from mixed audio.

Our decades of expertise, quality focus, meticulous handling of audio restoration and preservation assets, combined with the leading technology providers in the market, have granted us an unique skill-set and level of competence to separate the music from the full composite mix.

We will ingest your content, flag the relevant music cues, remove them from the full composite, insert the new music cues, re-mix the full composite and lay back the new audio to picture, ready for distribution, all in one streamlined workflow.


Dialog Isolation

The original dialog (both US and dubbed) in legacy TV and feature film titles are fundamental to the collective cultural experience of audiences. As such, preserving these iconic voices is of paramount importance when enhancing audio for new distribution formats.

The solution is to separate the original dialog from the original composite, and mix this dialog in a restored/enhanced/surround Music and Effects composite.

Sound separation and dialog isolation (or the “un-mixing” of a full composite audio track) is a viable solution if proper care is taken processing the audio.

Our engineers understand how to get the best quality results from some of the technological prototype software in development, and combined with our restoration and preservation skills, can provide the best quality dialog isolation and re-mastering for your content.


What about…?

We, at Audio Mechanics believe in quality audio. We will provide you with our expertise and offer the highest quality service and attention to find the best possible solution, whatever your audio challenge may be.

We are trained to listen, find out what we can do for you!