Sound Services

High Quality Preservation Transfers

We don’t just “digitize” your material. We invest in the best equipment and meticulously calibrate and maintain it. We physically evaluate and, if necessary, refurbish your material before putting it on a machine to make sure it to ensure the best transfer quality possible. We have dedicated our careers to the art of sound, and the results are clear.

Remedies for deterioration such as sticky-shed syndrome, vinegar syndrome and mold.
Precision sync maintained even on challenged material.
Resolutions up to 192kHz / 24bit.
Formats from early acetate records and nitrate film to modern digital audio formats.
(See a list of formats supported)

LARGE SCALE PRESERVATION (Data parsing and archival transfer)
Employing custom developed inventory software, an exclusive mag film cleaning system and modified machines designed for handling deteriorating material (Details-click)


Sound Restoration

Audio Mechanics has established itself as a leader in sound restoration with superior talent, experience, and the latest cutting-edge technology. John Polito, founder and chief engineer, is one of the pioneers of digital sound restoration, starting with Sonic Solutions’ award winning NoNoise system in 1987. We are responsible for cleaning up top tier feature film soundtracks for 20th Century Fox, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Sony Pictures, UCLA Film Archives, The International Olympic Committee, Paramount Pictures, National Film Foundation, The Library of Congress, Walt Disney Pictures, and many others. (Credit list).

Music Mastering / Apple iTunes certified

John Polito, founder and chief engineer, has been mastering for the music industry since 1991. His aesthetic sensibility and technical prowess has been sought after from major labels such as Sony, BMG, EMI, Interscope, Hollywood Records, Disney Records, Warner Bros Records, Zappa Records, and others. (Credit List)

Apple “Mastered for iTunes” certified (MFiT studio)



Audio Mechanics has become a trusted resource to major studios and small independent productions for mixing and re-mastering feature films and documentaries. We have the expertise and experience to fulfill any playback format required from mono to 7.1 surround.



Audio Forensic Analysis / Consultation

John Polito, founder and chief engineer, has served as an expert witness and audio consultant for numerous trials and lawsuits, including the 2003 Kobe Bryant trials. We offer forensic analysis, intelligibility enhancement, and recording authentication. Our knowledge and expertise make us a great resource for legal matters relating to audio evidence. Contact us for more information.



Creative audio recording solution

Whether your production needs dialog recording and ADR, music composition or licensing, sound design, effects and Foley, our team of engineers and our facilities can provide you with tailored modules or a complete solution for your audio creative needs.


Other services


We properly prepare (sync) and format the audio tracks for layback to a Digital Cinema Package (DCP credits-click)

PRODUCTION DIALOGUE clean and de-noise

Using restoration software tools and unique techniques we remove/minimize noise (Save on ADR)

WOW Mitigation

We can remove that “warble” sound that comes from deteriorating/shrunken source material


Providing the means to revitalize languishing library material with new tracks (More)


The “un-mixing” of a composite audio track to facilitate re-mastering (More)


We digitize and manage large amounts of data. And deliver in any manner prescribed (FTP/LTO/DVD)


We love a good challenge! Call us with any sound related problems you have, and we might just be able to figure it out!