Magnetic Film:

35mm playback–stripe, 3-trk, 4-trk, 6-trk, 7-trk Cinerama

35mm record– 3-trk, 4-trk, 6-trk

17.5mm playback- 1-trk, 2-trk

16mm playback- edge, center, and 2-trk

Optical Film:

35mm or 16mm area and density tracks

35mm 200mil push/pull

17.5mm area or density tracks

16mm prints with mag stripe

70mm prints- 6-trk mag stripe

Digital Audio:

Hard/Flash Drives


DAT, TC-DAT, ADAT, PCM 1610/1630

MO discs including AKAI format

DASH 3324 and 3348HR

Data Tape: (new or migration)

LTO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Magnetic Tape:

2” 24-trk w/ pilot or timecode

2” 16-trk and 1” 8-trk

1/2” 4-trk w/ pilot, timecode, or FM

1/2” 3-trk Rangertone and variants

1/2” 2-trk with timecode

1/4” mono or 2-trk with pilot

1/4” mono Nagra neo-pilot

1/4” stereo Nagra w/FM sync

1/4” Fairchild AM sync

1/4” Rangertone, Maihak

1/4” Perfectone, Telefunken

1/4” Leevers-Rich mono or stereo

1/4” 4-trk consumer stereo (non-sync)

Cassettes (all lengths/noise reduction types)

Grooved Media:

Records/Transcriptions– all speeds and sizes to 17.25”

Sync Vitaphone playback

Wax Cylinders (unique Hi-Fi playback)