Audio Services

Sound Restoration

Audio Mechanics has established itself as a leader in sound restoration with superior talent, experience, and the latest cutting-edge technology. We are responsible for cleaning up top tier feature film soundtracks for 20th Century Fox, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Sony Pictures, UCLA Film Archives, The International Olympic Committee, Paramount Pictures, National Film Foundation, The Library of Congress, Walt Disney Pictures, and many others. CLICK HERE to see the credits page for more details on our extensive track record. 


Analog Transfer

The transfer is one of the most important steps in sound preservation or preparing for restoration. All of Audio Mechanics’ legacy equipment is maintained according to the original manufacturer’s specifications, and their performance is optimized before any transfer occurs. We also offer the unique ability to clean and transfer deteriorating mag elements (vinegar syndrome). Click here for a list of audio formats supported.


Audio Forensic Analysis

John Polito, the owner of Audio Mechanics, has served as an expert witness and audio consultant for numerous trials and lawsuits, including the 2003 Kobe Bryant trials. Our knowledge and expertise make us a great resource for legal matters relating to audio evidence.