Audio Mechanics is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, world-class 5.1 studios designed by Chris Pelonis, fully integrated digital workflow, and the finest legacy gear available. The facility was designed from the ground up and features complete audio/video/data integration among all rooms, 32 terabyte data storage with built-in redundancy, and automatic backup to LTO. The centralized equipment room allows the studios to share resources efficiently and quickly recover from equipment failures. Even the juke box in the lounge can be routed to any sound room or office in the facility!

We have a climate controlled, secure vault for storing assets long term or short term, stations for physical inspection and re-canning, and a designated shipping department to handle the flow of materials quickly and accurately. Assets are physically inspected, photographed, and catalogued in our meticulously detailed database. We are equipped to handle large or small scale preservation projects with ease and efficiency, adapting to each client’s specifications and budget.



Sound assets in archives across the globe are deteriorating right now due to poor storage conditions, and may become completely unusable if not digitally captured and preserved. See what Audio Mechanics can do for your collection by contacting us today.





The staff at Audio Mechanics are experts in providing audio services for their clients. This means we are constantly on the lookout for new technologies to enhance and improve the quality, workflows, and solutions we offer. As such, Audio Mechanics has partnered with cutting edge technology companies to provide solutions to some of the most challenging issues in audio preservation, restoration and enhancement. 


World leader in audio restoration

The standard in audio processing software



Sound restoration and mastering

Wow and flutter removal



Automated surround up-mixing

Audio processing plug-ins


Sound and mixed track separation

Forensic noise removal and restoration