Poto and Cabengo at The Reel Thing XXV

Poto and Cabengo

Poto and Cabengo by Jean-Pierre Gorin

review by Doug Cummings – “One of the most impressive presentations was John Polito’s demonstration of the sound work he performed on Poto and Cabengo, Gorin’s first solo feature and an utterly fascinating exploration of the linguistic mystery posed by two young San Diego twins who appeared to have invented their own language. (The restoration has been touring, and plans are in place to release it as a Criterion DVD.) When standard de-essing software failed to correct sound distortions on the original master, Polito separated the sibilance and the vowels into separate tracks, processed them individually, and recombined them. Gorin (who was in attendance) emphasizes the dialogue by an ingenious use of intertitles and subtitles, inviting the viewer to listen closely and pick out the pidgin words, so optimal clarity was crucial.”  – Doug Cummings  See the full review at http://www.filmjourney.org/2010/08/16/the-reel-thing-xxv/